ENIGMA is YOUR full-service Multimedia Marketing and Advertising Agency. Our areas of expertise are: graphic design, layout, web design and development, social media marketing and public relations to create a cohesive multimedia brand and marketing platform. ENIGMA will take you to new levels of Marketing & Advertising success. Don’t hesitate, thinkENIGMA.


ENIGMA: Think It. Visualize It. Design It. Film It. Post It. Tweet It.

ENIGMA is a full service marketing and advertising agency that can help take your business, project or special event to a new level of success.
Fun, Creative and most importantly Accountable. Don’t just think about it, think ENIGMA!


ENIGMA wants to see you succeed and the first step to success is a functional, informative and well crafted web site. From start to finish we are there to make sure your needs are met and your brand is showcased at the highest level possible. Your website is the gateway to your brand, your product and should be a collaborative process between you and your developers.


You’ve heard about Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In…etc. You’ve probably even dabbled with them yourself. Why not let the pros take the wheel? Social media is a limitless tool that not only directly connects you with your target audience but allows you to build a working relationship with them. Through proper implementation of photo posting, Twitter dialogue, You Tube videos and online profiles, potential clients will be able to find you with no problem. Let this real-time stream of information make the biggest impact and leave a flavorful impression on your audience.


From Logos to Brochures, Banners and Marketing collateral, ENIGMA has you covered. Developing creative concepts that will establish or further enhance your brand reputation is our specialty.


Everyone has a story to tell, but it’s not always easy to tell it. ENIGMA provides website and marketing copy writing, press release development and distribution, brand management with community partners and most importantly media relationship building. Let us be your number one advocate.


Media buys, advertising campaigns and brand management are crucial to growing your business, image and awareness. Through ENIGMA, we will help you reach your full potential, devise the appropriate plan and help you execute.


Business Expos, Mixers, Product Launches, Screenings and more. ENIGMA will find the best for you to make a memorable impression on your guests. Experience and Branding are critical layers to elevating business goals and promoting. Let ENIGMA do the ground work and handle the press so you can enjoy the party.


It's important to be ready for both positive and negative media coverage. With over ten years of media relations experience, ENIGMA teaches you how to craft key messages, develop informative key talking points and how to interview comfortably in front of a camera. We can train your staff, helped develop your information officer(s) and capture it all on video for your continuous review and learning.




noun \i-ˈnig-mə, e-\ 1. A multimedia-marketing agency located in Bakersfield, California, established by Jason Gutierrez and Adam Vinson, August 2012. Together, Gutierrez and Vinson have over 20 years of experience in journalism, social media management, graphic design, web site development, public relations and corporate communications. ENIGMA works across multiple media platforms to ensure your message is solid and well delivered to the highest possible audience. 2. Areas of expertise include: public relations, social media, multimedia production, web site design and maintenance, graphic design and marketing strategy. 3. Email Us

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ENIGMA was founded in 2012 by Jason Gutierrez and Adam Vinson. Combined, Team ENIGMA is built upon 20 years of experience ranging from
print editorial and design, corporate communications, agency project management, commercial graphic and web design and nonprofit marketing.

  • Jason Gutierrez
    Owner/Marketing and Communications
    Jason spent six years writing and editing stories for The Bakersfield Californian newspaper and magazines...
  • Adam Vinson
    Owner/Marketing and Design
    Adam started in the digital world as an Animator, earning his degree in (CGI) Computer...


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